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MIRAbrasor™ attachment is made of 2 parts:

  1. The "Brasor Top"
  2. The Top is easily inserted into the handpiece, which is made for that purpose and connects to the tubing attached to the MIRApeel™. It serves as a malleable top supporting the transparent single-use “Brasor Desquamating Head”. This helps increase manual dexterity as it glides over the skin. The Brasor Top does not touch the skin and can be used up to six times.
  3. The Single-use “Brasor Desquamative Head”
  4. The Head is transparent, so the user can see the cosmetic serum flow. The skin Desquamating material sits in its center, on the bottom, so it can perform the silky abrasion, as the serums flow on the skin surface. Since it comes in contact with the skin, the Head can only be used a single time and discarded. It is then replaced with a brand-new Head for the next treatment.


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