Mirapeel Device Maintenance / Repairs

We provide the best service for your MIRApeel Device.

Does your machine needs maintenance? We can help you, our technician will return your MIRApeel like new.

Does your machine needs repairs? Our professional team will take care of any issues regarding your MIRApeel.

Rate $150 per hour.

Service starts at $150 per hour. Our team will give you a diagnosis and we will explain to you the problem and give you an estimate. We want you to be happy so we will offer you different options if available.

We know repairs can be costly so we offer an amazing Warranty Program:

The MIRApeelTM “Continuous Limited Warranty Program”

A. “Standard Annual Renewal Warranty” terms (priced at $1,750 a year) - Customer must renew warranty annually to keep the warranty valid.

B. “Continuous Limited Warranty Program” terms (free of charge when conditions are met) - customers signed up on the Continuous Limited Warranty Program are required to purchase a minimum of $760 of consumables and $240 of serums for a total of $1000, per 90 days, as a minimum to keep their warranty valid and free of charge. If this amount of $1000 in the last 90 days (from the day there is a need for repair or warranty backup service) is not reached, the Continuous Limited Warranty Program is void, and customers would be required to pay for the repairs.